Paytel - Earn Ongoing Revenue Back on your Incoming Calls


Switchboard quotes: Same day response. To request a switchboard quotation online, please click here: Get a switchboard quote                                                                                              Get a Paytel national number now and  start earning up to 50c per minute.

A Paytel number is a new national one number for life telephone number for businesses that gets linked (diverted) to your existing landline number (your Telkom landline). No change is required on your side. When someone calls your new 083 9xx xxxx number, the call will be diverted to your existing landline number and your phone will ring. Once you answer the call you will start earning an income of up to 50c per minute for the entire duration of the call.

Getting your own Paytel Number is easy and affordable. Your Paytel Number will cost only R 360 once-off. The Paytel Number then becomes yours for life. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Apply for your own Paytel Number by contacting us now!

Why get a Paytel Number?
Receive up to 50c per minute on ALL incoming calls
Your existing landline number remains unchanged
Simply add it on to any existing landline
No lengthy installations and setup required
Get one national number for life
No monthly fees
How it Works
Sign up for a Paytel 0839 number for your business and we will divert your new Paytel Number to any landline of your choice
When someone calls your new Paytel Number the call will be diverted to your landline. Upon answering the phone you will start earning up to 50c per minute.
The longer you talk and the more lines  you have or the more simultaneous calls your switchboard can handle the more money you will earn. It's that simple!
Your earnings will be deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis
A Paytel number is a value added alternative number linked to your existing Telkom landline or switchboard. Your current business number is not affected at all and can still be used. There is no line rental with our Paytel phone numbers, all that's needed is a Telkom landline that is registered for business.

Now, a couple of benefits, if we may:

Paytel Number For Life - Your Paytel number is linked to your business for life. Having a Paytel phone number will allow your business to move to different areas without changing your telephone number or changing all your material with your old number.

Paytel numbers are "non-geographic telephone numbers". They do not have an area code that is linked to a company's location and therefore makes a business appear national, while maintaining a local identity.

Flexibility - In the event that your business finds itself without power or a victim of cable theft, your Paytel  number can be routed to any other Telkom landline country wide as a temporary measure. You can now have your calls answered at other branches, other businesses or any available landline you choose.

Paytel numbers make it possible for you to create a virtual office. - Going on vacation, but need to keep your business running? Or simply need to go run errands, but don't want to miss an important call from a client? You can have calls to your Paytel number forwarded to any other phone number (you'll pay for the forwarding). This can give the impression that you are always in the office and available to be reached.

One of the simplest ways to project professionalism is through a Paytel number. - Paytel numbers are more professional and consumers' perception of your business can make or break your venture. A Paytel number lets the world know your company is based on professionalism.

Why wait?

Sign up now and start earning.

Here are the reasons why you should get a Paytel Number Now
 Earn up to 50c p /min on incoming calls  No monthly fees  Simple add-on to any land line  Your old number still works  No installation and no setup  Keep your number through life's changes 
»  Startup business benefits. A startup business has the benefit of still having to print branded stationary such as letter heads, business cards, etc.  By starting off with a Paytel Number you never again have to change your number, even if you move office. Simply divert your Paytel Number to your new land line number without having to reprint.  

»  Website owners benefits. Paytel offers easy income to website owners.  Website owners can instantly update their contact number online and immediately start generating income.  Paytel is fast becoming the standard for Website numbers.

»  Profitability. On average Paytel users earn 32c excluding VAT per minute (36c incl. VAT). This is broken down into 50c from MTN numbers, 25c from Telkom numbers, and 25c from Vodacom numbers, all excluding VAT. Off peak rates after 19:00 are slightly less.