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PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System Prices And Pricing

South African Telecoms provides a wide range of PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone Systems for all your business and office telephone communication needs. 

Our PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System prices cater for:

  • Small offices that require between 2 to 6 extension users.
  • Medium offices that require between 7 to 20 extension users.
  • Large offices that require from 21 extension users and up.

PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System Prices And Pricing On Rental And Cash Purchase Payment Options

We offer our clients rental or cash purchase payment options. We supply quotes with both rental, hire and cash payment options (Click Here), or you can purchase directly from our online store (Click Here).

Renting a PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System from us make is more affordable for your business to meet your monthly budget and can be offset on your company balance sheet, whereas purchasing the equipment in cash allows you to take ownership of the equipment upfront with the option of depreciating the equipment/expense on your company financial books.

PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System Prices

PABX/PBX prices. Switchboard prices. PABX/PBX System prices. Business Telephone System prices. Our prices start from R399.00 per month over 60 months rental,hire and R3,751.53 to purchase cash excluding vat, for our smallest system. We have various rental period options starting from 36 months, 48 months and 60 months rental payment plans. The shorter your rental period will mean your rental amount is slightly higher per month for the shorter term. A 36 month rental starts at R495.00 where a 48 month rental can be around R449.00 per month excluding vat.

PABX/PBX prices and pricing. Switchboard prices and pricing. Telephone System prices and pricing. PABX.PBX system prices and pricing. South African Telecoms supplies and installs cheap and affordable priced Switchboards PABX/PBX telephone systems. Our prices and pricing is very competitive. PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System prices vary according to the number of telephone line, extension cards and total installation telephone points are required. Our various PABX/PBX Switchboard Telephone System brands, makes and models each have their own unique pricing structure. Contact us for a price on a Switchboard PABX/PBX telephone system.