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Did you know that by using a telephone call management package to professionally manage your outgoing call telephone expenditure, you could be saving up to 50% on your telephone account? Containing and managing your outgoing telephone call costs with us is one of the easiest ways reducing and managing telephone call costs.

We offer the cheapest and most user friendly call managment system TMS which provides detailed reports via extension or PIN number, or a combination of the two and works on most PABX telephone systems.

The power to Manage and Control your Business:

• Reduce telephone call expenditure via detailed PIN number reporting
• Improve productivity
• Identify fraud and telephone misuse
• Reduce call answering times
• Reduce missed calls and allocate responsibility
• Eliminate costs due to slow response times
• Convenient e-mailing of reports option
• Ease-of-use

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More information on our Telephone Management System

Information such as time taken for incoming calls to be answered and who is making those expensive calls.

To assist you with key business decisions, our telphone call managment system extracts critical information about your phone system and presents that information when you need it in any desired format. Reports can be printed with the simple click of a button or they can be copied to other software applications such as Excel.

Furthermore, reports can be generated automatically. Our telephone management system can be programmed to generate and print reports at regular intervals e.g. weekly reports can be printed on Saturday so that they are available on your desk every Monday morning. Our telephone management system works in real time so you can immediately track and monitor new sales initiatives, staff performance and the effects of business decisions.

The power to control: Our TMS or call management software gives you the ability to manage your incoming and outgoing call using dozens of pre-defined reports and graphs, all at the click of a button. Reports can indicate trends and assist with managing staff and system resources. It is critical to know your line utilisation so that incoming calls are not lost as this could result in loss of clients and income. Our telephone call managment system TMS will analyse the problem and provide suitable solutions.

Reports will enable you to verify your telephone bill against your call records. They will also allow you to allocate costs simply and accurately to various departments, extensions, or even individuals. This will allow you to allocate budgetary responsibilities and give you the power to track expenditure. One can even accurately cost and manage calls, made partially or completely, via a virtual private network.

The power to manage: Knowledge is the first step to controlling the use of your phone system, but who knows what your phones are used for? Our telephone call managment system TMS does and so will you. Personal calls, unauthorised calls, even calls to your competitors can be quickly and accurately identified.

Even normal phone expenses can be out of control. Our telephone call managment system TMS can provide a report with e.g. the most expensive calls, the longest calls, or destinations called so that you can identify and control the expenditure. In addition, call trends can be identified to help you control future spending.

Our telephone call managment system TMS monitors and detects fraudulent or inappropriate calls resulting in phones being used more productively and responsibly.

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