PBX Switchboard Equipment Supplier In Johannesburg - Best Prices

South African Telecoms is a Switchboard equipment company in Johannesburg who supplies a wide product range of affordable priced PBX Switchboard equipment.

South Africa's Leading PBX Switchboard Experts 

South African Telecoms is an established, leading PBX Switchboard company in Johannesburg with over 25 years extensive experience in the supply of Switchboard equipment to businesses in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.
We design, supply and install turnkey PBX Switchboard equipment solutions to a wide range of business's in Johannesburg.

Expertise, Experience & Innovation  

As South Africa's leading PBX Switchboard equipment supplier in Johannesburg, we are established as a trustworthy and reputable PBX Switchboard equipment company with years of experience and expertise.
We are constantly updating and improving our PBX Switchboard equipment product range in order to meet our customer requirements and stay ahead of the market trends.
Our clients range from residential, business to high-profile corporate, who all benefits from our relationship-driven approach to service and business.
We’ll assist you with pleasure and we can tailor our designs and services to suit your unique requirements.

PBX Switchboard Equipment Installations 

Not only are we a company that supplies the best priced PBX Switchboard equipment but we also install, maintain and service PBX Switchboards in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.
Our PBX Switchboards have a one year supplier warranty, and a free lifetime remote maintenance service plan is included on certain models.

Product Range

Our PBX Switchboard equipment product range which we supply includes:

Samsung PBX Switchboards
NEC PBX Switchboards
Siemens PBX Switchboards
Yeastar PBX Switchboards
Zycoo PBX Switchboards
Grandstream PBX Switchboards

Payment Options

We supply our PBX Switchboards on an outright purchase or on a lease, rental payment option.