Telephone line, phone line hunting facilities

Here we will explain how the hunting facilities feature on telephone lines, phone lines work.

What are hunting facilities?

Most companies advertise only their main telephone, phone number for callers to contact them on.

Hunting facilities allows incoming calls ringing through to your main telephone, phone number to hunt to the following available telephone line, phone line on your PBX System, PBX Phone System, Business Telephone System, VoIP PBX, Cloud Hosted PBX, PBX Switchboard System.

How do hunting facilities work?

One hunting service is required per telephone line, phone line.

If your main telephone line, phone line is busy at the time a second or third phone call comes in, these phone calls will then hunt from the first busy telephone, phone line onto the second and then the third available telephone line, phone line and so on. If there are no telephone lines, phone lines available at any given time the incoming caller will receive an engaged tone.

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