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The demand for PABX telephone call recording and reliable phone recording is on the rise. This is a result of customers’ increasing requests for higher standards of service and support coupled with the challenges of corporate liability and regulatory PABX compliance for telephone switchbaord call recording, a pressing need for total reliability and security in electronic PABX telephone call records has been created. PABX Telephone Call Recording South Africa offers businesses best-of-the-best PABX Telephone Call Recording.                   

Our PABX telephone call recording provides a synergistic all-in-one solution that enhances an organization's ability to listen and understand customers' telephone voice call recordings; ensure service level goals are met and maintained and increase call center productivity, quality and effectiveness. The results is a call center solution PABX telephone call recording that equates to more streamlined processes, improved customer service, and liability and compliance control; resulting in increased customer resolution dispute, sales and profit.

Securely record, store and playback all voice PABX telephone call recordings

Gain insight into how your customers experience your business when you record PABX calls.

Develop corporate best practices and procedures for your business with our PABX telephone call recording equipment.

Create effective training programs for your agents by listening to your switchboard and PABX telephone call recordings.

Evaluate employee performance by using PABX telephone extension call recordings.

Minimize exposure to disputes when you can record your PABX telephone call recordings.

Reduce contention resolution when listening to your telephone recordings.

Mitigate risk of reputation damage when you have access to your telephone call recordings.

Reduce liability by having back up records of your PABX telephone call recording.

Improve internal policy compliance by ensuring your staff telephone calls are recorded.

Quality assurance is improved when your telephone calls are recorded.

Protect against liability suits when your PABX switchboard telephone calls are recording.

Evaluate staff. Record your switchboard calls.

Minimize legal risks. Record your PABX calls.

Policy compliance. PABX telephone call recording ensures you comply to your industry.

Comply with governmental telephone PABX call recording regulations.

Trunk side PABX voice recording: Recording of a PABX line from the telco to the PBX. All PABX telephone call traffic will be recorded.

PABX trunk voice recording advantages: PABX voice recording records a complete telephone call conversation, even if the telephone call is transfered from one extension to another. PABX telephone line voice recording is also usually cheaper than telephone extension voice recording as fewer telephone lines need to be recorded.

Extension side PABX voice recording: Recording of a telephone call converstaion from a PBX extension.

PABX extension voice recording advantages: Live telephone call recording when a call is allocated from the PBX to a call centre agent, the agent's computer will 'pop-up' with a telephone call reference prompt.

Analog PABX trunk lines and extension voice recording: Usually found on legacy installations and very common.

PABX analogue voice recording advantages: Usually the easiest and cheapest telephone lines to record. Reliable  CLI and DTMF info.

Equipment required to record a telephone PABX call: Microsoft Win7 + Synway SHT analog recording device + Ecko Recording Software + Ecko Netnote Referencing Software (if PABX voice recording referencing is required on PABX extension side).

BRI/ISDN PABX telephone line recording: Digital PABX telepohne voice calls. Usually two channels per trunk are recorded.

PABX voice recording challenges: Erratic CLI and DTMF. Poor PABX equipment cost to number of recorded channels ratio.

Note: Can only be recorded on the PABX voice telephone line side.

Equipment required to record a PABX voice call: Microsoft Win7 + Synway DST digital recording device + Ecko Recording Software.

PRI PABX telephone voice recording: Digital PABX telephone calls. Usually 30 channels per trunk and found in specialized high-call-volume businesses.

PABX PRI voice recording advantages: Reliable  CLI and DTMF info. Reasonable equipment cost to number of voice recorded channels ratio.

Note: Can only be recorded on the PABX voice trunk side.

Equipment required to record: Microsoft Win7 + Synway DTP digital recording device + Ecko Recording Software.

PABX voice logger and telephone call recording of analogue telphone lines, ISDN telephone lines, ISDN PRI telphone lines and VoIP telephone line conversations is done with our PABX voice logger equipment. The PABX voice logger and telephone call recording device performs DC voltage measurements to detect line states like on-hook and off-hook telephone calls.

The audio data and voltage information from the voice logger and telephone call recording is transferred from the PABX to an external USB hard drive. Software on the PABX voice logger and telephone call recording uses the line voltage information and audio samples to detect active telephone calls. The PABX voice logger and telephone call recording device can obtain caller ID information. We offer cheap PABX voice logger quotes.

PABX voice logger and telephone call recording records conversations over analogue telphone lines, ISDN telephone lines, ISDN PRI telphone lines and VoIP telephone lines.

  • PABX voice logger increase customer satisfaction when calls are recorded and monitored.
  • PABX voice logger improve agents productivity when they are aware they are being recorded.
  • Resolve disputes by using our PABX voice logger to listen to recorded PABX telephone calls.
  • PABX voice logger hepls to increase security to ensure confidential telephone call recordings.
  • Comply with legal PABX call recording requirements by getting a voice logger quote.
  • Reduce telephone switchboard call costs when telephone calls are recorded..

Important things to consider: A PABX voice logger call recording system is more than just a phone tap. The ease of finding, playing and handling recorded telephone calls is one point that distinguished a good from a bad call recording software solution.

Other reasons why you should get a quote on our cheap PABX voice logger telephone call recording:

  • High speed telephone call retrieval of recorded telephone PABX calls.
  • High storage PABX voice logger capacity with back up.
  • Low audio PABX voice recording compression (use less disk space).
  • Password encryption (only intended parties can listen to your PABX voice logger recordings).
  • Delivery of telephone PABX voice logger call recordings to the call participants be e-mail.
  • Access PABX voice logger login screen from any PC on your network.
  • PABX voice logger gives you the ability to listen to calls when quoting clients telephonically.
  • PABX voice logger has a once off license.

PABX voice logger key features:

Flexible Easy to install and administer your PABX voice logger.

Scalable PABX voice logger telephone call recording is suitable for large call centres as well as small companies with only a few seats to record.

Analogue telephone lines, ISDN telephone lines and VoIP telephone lines Record telephone call conversations with our PABX voice logger.

Multiple PABX compatibility PABX voice logger can be installed onto any PABX to record analogue, ISDN and VoIP telephone line calls and our quotes are the cheapest.

Intuitive calls search and replay PABX voice logger makes it is easy to find any recorded telephone call using many search parameters such as Date, Time, Caller/Callee Phone Number, Name and others.

Web-interface PABX voice logger has a call browser interface software, which can be accessed via any standard PC.

High Compatibility PABX voice logger telephone call recording is compatible to record analogue, ISDN and VoIP telephone line calls and our quotes are the cheapest and is compatible with all major IP-PBX system, and PABX telephone systems.

Quotes Our PABX voice logger telephone call recording quotes are cheap and affordable. 

We offer fully digital high quality call recording for businesses at cheap prices that cannot be beaten.

Record your PABX switchboard calls with our cheap and affordable voice recording solutions and reduce your telephone call abuse.

PABX Telephone Call Recording South Africa offers cheap online telephone call recording and voice logger quotations.

Cheap telephone call recordings.

Cheap call centre switchboard telephone call recording.

Recording telephone calls on your switchboard.

Cheaply record your switchboard telephone and PABX extension call conversations.

Recording your telephone switchboard conversations is now easy and cheap.

Get a cheap quote to record switchboard and PABX extension phone conversations.

Record a switchboard phone call.

Cheap and easy to install telephone switchboard call recording.

Some more information why you should get a quote on our cheap switchboard telephone voice call recording

We offer high quality switchboard telephone call recording at a price affordable for all. With low cost USB external hard drive storage, archive of recorded telephone calls and user friendly telephone recording call retrieval software, the question should be 'Why shouldn't I record every telephone call?'

Here are some reasons why you may wish to record your switchboard telephone calls :

Improving call centre service: A large number of companies have a team of call centre agents  whose primary purpose is to deal with customers over the telephone and recording telephone calls is necessary. Often the telephone call is the only communication a customer has with your business. Recording your call centre switchboard telephone calls with our cheap voice recording will greatly improve your agents effectiveness when talking and placing orders with customers, and this effectiveness translates to revenue, margin and profits.

Cheap telephone call recording is also a superb tool to allow a supervisor to review the performance of a call centre agent and listen to specific telephone recorded cals with and be able to grade or offering assistance and advice for further sales order improvement. Often call centre telephone staff are on some sort of commission structure, so the concept of self or supervisor related telephone call improvement is to the benefit for higher margin sales to be made.

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Call Recorder voicelogging software for recording switchboard telephone calls

The switchboard voice logger call recording is a cost effective cheap software for voice recording and voice logging that can be attached to any switchboard or analogue or digital extension. High value transactions (phone call conversations in which telephone call conversations are recorded).

Telesales environments, Telephone Banking, Telephone Marketing, Telephone Insurance and financial trading by telephone calls are just a few examples that require telephone switchboard voice logger recording for verification and dispute resolution. You can now implement a cost effective, reliable and affordable voice logging on your PABX switchboard.

Recording call options. On auto recording the switchboard voice logger is set to record all telephone call converstaions during the length of the telephone call as soon as the telephone handset is lifted or when the telephone is in use and sound is emitted over the telepohne line.

Voice logging or switchboard telephone voice logger recording, is the practice of regularly recording audio telephone calls. Most commonly analogue, ISDN, PRI and VoIP telephone line conversations are recorded. This allows businesses to keep records, improve customer service, increase security, and decrease incorrect information from being relayed. Although switchboard voice logging is synonymous with telephone recording, or phone recording, in a call center environment it is often called "agent monitoring" or "call logging" The word "logging" comes from the log of calls or audio files that is generated as each recording is made.

Switchboard voice logger history

The original voice logger system was a large analog tape recorder, developed by Magnasync in 1950. Systems were designed and manufactured by Eventide, Eyretel and Dictaphone. In 1996 Mercom Systems, which was purchased by Verint in July 2006, introduced Audiolog the first Windows-based voice logging system.

Types of switchboard voice logging

The analog tape switchboard voice logging system: Some businesses still use older model reel-to-reel tape to record analogue, ISDN, PRI and VoIP telephone lines, or hook up individual cassette or micro-cassette tape recorders up to each individual PABX phone systems. Analog tape is usually more expensive to maintain and much less convenient to search than digital systems.

Digital switchboard voice logging systems: These are the most commonly used today. They consist of a hardware unit that connects into the PABX switchboard phone system or can be hardware that plugs into a PC in a PCI slot or by a USB cable. Some systems allow users to remotely review telephone recordings with desktop screen capture and quality reporting.

Software only switchboard voice logging system: These telephone call recording systems may be all-software running on the business server, or use a hardware such as a sound card on a PC, to do the work of recording and monitoring of telephone call conversations. Some are simple single-user systems that typically only require a user to install the software on their PC, and use some type of simple adapter to connect the PC to a telephone switchboard handset. This type of software can only record a single telephone line call, and is limited in features. A business switchboard voice logger recording and monitoring system enables businesses of all sizes to record all telephone calls including IP PBX telephony systems.

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