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Telephone Line (With DECT handset)

Single telephone line + DECT cordless telephone handset.

Ideal for a small business or home that requires a basic landline with advanced telephone line features and the flexibility of a cordless phone.

Telephone line features (advanced):

FREE Caller Line ID (See incoming callers telephone number).
FREE Call waiting (See when a second call comes in).
FREE On hold (Place the 1st call on hold and take a 2nd incoming call).
FREE Forward call function (Divert your incoming calls to your cellphone when you are out of the office or away from home).
FREE Voicemail (Set up a voicemail message so that incoming callers can leave a message when you are unavailable).
Incoming calls automatically divert to your cellphone of choice if your telephone line is out of order for any reason.

Grandstream DECT cordless phone features:

High quality, function rich durable handset.
1.8" colour LCD display.
HD audio delivers crystal-clear audio.
23 Keys including 2 soft keys, 5 menu keys, 4 dedicated function keys.
Hold, transfer, forward, 3-way conference, call park, call pickup, phonebook, call waiting, call log and auto answer.
Full duplex speakerphone.
20 hours of talk time and 250-hour standby time.
3.5mm Headset jack.
Range of up to 350 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors.

Grandstream DECT cordless phone functions:

Receive incoming calls.
Make outgoing calls.
Mute, unmute (microphone).
Call divert.
Call hold, resume.
Call waiting.
Caller ID display.
Call forward.
Speed dial.
Voicemail message notification.


1 x Telephone line rental @ R159.95 + R23.99 VAT (R183.94 per month)
1 x FREE telephone line features (advanced)
1 x Reduced phone call rates
1 x Grandstream 1.8" colour LCD DECT cordless phone
1 x Grandstream DECT base station
1 x One meter flylead
1 x Charger base
2 x Rechargeable 800mAh Ni-MH AAA batteries
2 x Power supplies
1 x FREE delivery
1 x FREE remote support and maintenance

Phone handset hardware once-off:
Was R3,494.85, Save R698.97, Now R2,795.88.

Contract term: Month-to-month.
Pricing indicated on this page is inclusive of VAT.

Service and maintenace:

FREE lifetime remote support and maintenance included.
All equipment carries a one year supplier warranty.

FREE delivery included.


This is a self-installation where you connect the phone yourself. It is incredibly easy to set up and our support desk will also assist you. We will pre-program the phone before sending it to you and it will just be a case of plug-and-play. The phone DECT base station comes standard with a one meter cable which will need to be connected to a spare port on your internet router. The DECT cordless phone can be installed at the desk or table where you want to use it.

If you prefer to have one of our technicians install the phone for you instead of you connecting it yourself, you can communicate this to us on the order form. If you prefer a technician to do the installation it will be a once-off cost of R1,029.25 which will be added to your first invoice.


We supply step-by-step user guides on how to operate the phone. Our support desk will also assist you telephonically or via whatsapp if you require any assistance.


If you have an existing Telkom landline telephone number or another service providers landline telephone number, you can use your same telephone number on this phone line. We port your existing telephone number over to our telephone line network which will allow you to use your existing landline number with this service. This is a seamless process with no interruption to your incoming calls. Porting costs a once-off fee of R224.25 per telephone number which will be added to your first invoice.

If you do not have a telephone number, we will supply you with a local geographic telephone number.