How many telephone lines are required on a PABX System?

It is important that you have sufficient telephone lines on your PBX System, PBX Phone System, Business Telephone System, PBX Switchboard System in order to be able to make and receive sufficient number of phone calls simultaneously. One needs to understand however, that only one telephone, phone call can be made or received per telephone, phone line. Multiple telephone, phone lines are thus required to make and receive simultaneous phone calls.

There are no hard and fast rules to determine the amount of telephone, phone lines required on a PBX System, PBX Phone System, Business Telephone System, PBX Switchboard System but consider the following:

Outgoing calls: How many staff members would more than likely make an outgoing call at the same time? Consider their job functions, such as those who make more frequent use of the telephone such as telesales agents and debtors staff etc.

Incoming calls: How many incoming calls are you likely to receive at the same time? Consider the nature of your business. You may be advertising extensively and receive multiple simultaneous incoming telephone calls.

Now bear in mind that there are also other staff members who need to make and receive calls, who have not as yet been included in the above calculations. An alternative method, is simply to work on the ratio that for every four extensions users you have, you need one telephone line. This method however, does not take into account the nature of your business and the job functions of your personnel.

Affordability must also be considered, as each telephone, phone line has a monthly rental cost. One therefore also needs to weigh up the value between the number of telephone, phone lines versus the telephone line rental for them.

We offer many different types of telephone lines, phone lines and one of our friendly sales consultants will assist you to determine which type and how many telephone, phone lines will be suitable for your company.

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